SAS Draining Slab: A Strategic Ally in Times of Drought

The news of the terrible drought emergency in Catalonia and throughout Spain has been dominating the headlines of national and international newspapers and news in recent weeks. Many measures are being promoted at the government level, but each of us must begin to rethink our water consumption and find solutions to optimize every drop of this precious commodity.

When designing our products, at SAS, we pay a lot of attention to environmental sustainability. A few years ago, we launched our line of Draining Slab, an innovative drainage element that plays a fundamental role in the collection of water for private use. In such hard times, it is very important to be able to collect water easily and without waste, whether rain or condensation, to be able to use it or accumulate it in tanks.

Exterior pavement made with FILT5050 Draining Slabs. (source: SAS)

The SAS Draining Slab, the FILT5050 allows large amounts of water to be drained and stored in containers. We are talking about a large water passage that supports up to 234 liters per minute! The slabs in this range are perfect for outdoor projects, thanks to their versatile dimension of 50 x 50 centimeters that easily adapt to all your projects. Its thickness of 3.5 cm allows different types of transits, providing you with an excellent solution for both your garden area, as well as the pool beach, patio, rooftop, roof, and parking. Without sacrificing aesthetic continuity between areas with various uses!

The Draining Slab FILT5050 in Natural Grey, is on the left, and White, on the right. (source: SAS)

The peculiarity of this piece is that it not only drains rainwater thanks to its porosity but also does so laterally through the joints. In this way, not a drop of water will be wasted.

To ensure an efficient water harvesting system, combine the FILT5050 Slab with other products in our catalog, designed and manufactured to save money while helping to protect the planet’s resources. For example, the SAS Gutter is the ideal solution to redirect rainwater into a drain, thus avoiding undesirable puddles and humidity. It is available in Natural Grey (and on request in Arena, Bronze, and Anthracite) and can be worn near your pool beach or along the entire perimeter of your garden. At the same time, this piece lends itself perfectly to being used in large infrastructure works. Why so flexible? Thanks to its exterior tiling, it will not be necessary to make very steep rainfall slopes, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency and, at the same time, its aesthetics at all project scales.

The SAS Gutter in Natural Grey. (source: SAS)

Don’t let this new emergency catch you off guard and update your projects to face the global challenges of the coming decades. Choose SAS Draining Slabs, your best ally in times of drought, and you won’t regret it.

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