SAS Balusters: a classical inspiration filled with timelessness and elegance.

Balusters are decorative and functional elements whose origins date back to the Assyrians, as we previously discussed in our blog. This month, we want to provide you with some ideas on how to incorporate these timeless pieces into your contemporary projects that embrace a classical and elegant aesthetic. Furthermore, like all SAS products, they are designed to seamlessly complement any component produced in our factories.

In our range of SAS Balusters, you can find more than ten proposals to choose from, depending on which one best suits your needs. Depending on the style of your project (whether more classical or modern), you will discover elements of classical inspiration, such as the Classic Pier, or our Balusters, characterized by purer and cleaner lines.

In this blog post, we present our proposals for constructing classic-inspired railings. The Serie 800 and Serie 850 Balusters reintroduce classical forms and reinterpret them in a contemporary way. Both models are designed to reach a total height between 91 and 96 centimeters when combined with the Rail and Banister. This height makes them ideal for balcony and terrace railings, as they provide security without compromising on a unique aesthetic.

The models from Serie 750 and Serie 770 follow the same principle but are designed for smaller spaces. Their difference in height is intended to maintain proportionality, while preserving elegance and not compromising the safety that these components should provide.

Left: Serie 650 Balusters installed to protect a stairway. Right: Balustrade made using Serie 600 Balusters. (Source: SAS)

And finally, the Serie 650, 600 and 400 Balusters complete this extensive product family, offering you various heights for different purposes. These pieces provide an excellent solution for stairway railings or for finishing fences and achieving greater heights without sacrificing sunlight.

Terrace railing with a swimming pool constructed using SAS Classic Piers. Source: SAS.

If you are seeking a classic aesthetic without it being overly ornate, the Balusters Serie 500 are the solution to your needs. This range offers a perfect finish and more orthogonal lines, without giving up that classic inspiration.

The perfect complement to this entire range is the Classic Pier. Available in various heights, these pillars-balusters do not just complement fences; they also serve as decorative and functional element. These pillars are designed to complement our Balusters Series 750, 770, 800, and 850.

Do not compromise aesthetic for functionality, and vice versa. Choose SAS products for your projects! All SAS Baluster models are manufactured without internal reinforcement and using high compaction concrete techniques. This ensures pieces that are resistant to atmospheric agents and guarantees their long-term durability. In the end, you will save time and money, reducing maintenance tasks to a minimum.

In our upcoming blog post, discover all the accessories to complete your balustrades, fences, or staircases.

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