Balusters, timeless decorative elements of great elegance

The balusters are decorative and – at the same time – functional architectural elements, which have always characterized balconies, terraces and stair railings. Their origins go back to the Assyrians, as attested by some bas-reliefs in which they work as finials for windows.

During the classical era, the tradition of the balustrade – as the balusters’ set is called- loses its importance. They appear again at the end of the fifteenth century with the Renaissance, especially in the Italian Palazzi.

Image: The balustrades of the Palazzo Cà d’Oro facade in Venice. (source:

Balusters combine the elegance of their shapes with the practicality and functionality of an element that protects against falls. The repetition of serial pieces brings beauty to any building. That is why, in the history of architecture, the balusters are a recurring item made of different materials, from wood to marble. 

At SAS, we offer an improved version, in concrete and without internal armour, to ensure durable, reliable and resistant products without sacrificing their elegance. In the Balusters section of our Catalogue, you will find the different models available for your project and the pieces to complete their set as Rails, Plinth, Classic Piers and Pier Caps, among others.

Depending on the aesthetics and dimensions you are looking for, you can choose between rounded shapes (Series 400 to 850) that take us to a more classic aesthetic or models with a more modern and linear aesthetic (such as the BAL400 and BAL402). In both cases, you will have at your disposal different measures and models that will adapt perfectly to the needs of your project.

Image: Balustrade made with the BAL402 as an external protection fence. (source: SAS)

How do you place the balusters?

Placing the SAS balusters is a simple project. It is essential to prepare a good installation surface so that it is perfectly smooth to place the Plinth. The next step is the Piers collocation. The suggested maximum distance is 5 meters between them. This measure is essential to guarantee the safety of the structure. For each linear meter, a balustrade needs five balusters to appear aesthetically harmonious.

The Rails RBR50 complete the railing. The RBR50 serve both as baseboards as handrails, a dual-use that makes better use of resources. We recommend always applying the SAS FUGUE to protect the whole, avoid stains, and facilitate cleaning for the final finish. On our website, you can access all the placement videos and the Placement Recommendations!

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Balusters are an ornamental product that lends excellence to balconies. When it comes to renewing them, durability is the most relevant factor. A SAS Balustrades, made without internal armour, gives you that and more!

Do not wait any longer to reform your balconies, terraces or stairs. Contact us for more information.