Innovative materials and new trends (Part II)

From materials to resources

Following the first part of this blog, there are different successful experiences in sustainable architecture, also known as green architectureIn this field, it is increasingly common to experiment with new materials and trends. And because sustainability has thousands of faces, some focus on ecological materials and their impact and others and others face the energy challenge. For sure, you noticed facades and roofs made with photovoltaic materials to capture the sunlight for transforming it into energy. So why don’t we turn every surface of our building into a sustainable resource collector? Which are the difficulties and the benefits of those practices?

The Media-TIC building is an emblematic example of sustainable architecture which uses innovative materials. Located in the business district @22 of Barcelona, it was designed by the architect Enrique Ruiz Geli. In 2010 it was inaugurated and after one year it received the award of the most efficient office building in the world. This building is entirely covered with a polymer – Ethylene Tetrafluoro Ethylene – that allows for energy savings around 20% and it also works as a solar filter on the façade.

Today, natural and energy resources are constantly threatened by climate change and our overuse, in some cases reaching the risk of depletion. While global governments are generally responsible for promoting international policies, it is essential that we also address these issues at individual, family and community levels.

Luckily, nowadays it is always more common to see houses with photovoltaic panels installed on top, as far as new solar heating systems. These solutions help the family economy and, more important, they have a positive impact on environment. So, it seems that sustainability is not such an impossible and distant goal? But how can we integrate materials and technologies into our everyday life?

As a century-old company, saving and optimizing energy is also one of our challenges at SAS. For this reason, a few years ago we started experimenting with innovative products and presenting them to our customers. The idea is to create solutions that can be perfectly integrated into resource protection systems and which are also aesthetically attractive.

Think about an outdoor flooring that allows you to collect rainwater and then to use it for watering plants. Or even to purify it for reusing it as sanitary water. Visionary? Definitely not! At SAS, we designed the perfect flooring element for this type of need. The FILT5050 filter flooring was released a few years ago, and it was an immediate success. This pavement is designed as a porous surface that works as a channeling tool, allowing the recollection of water. Do you want to know how does it work?

FILT5050 is the most permeable flooring of our products. It is a straightforward system to use in your projects thanks to its size, and it is available in two colors: natural grey and white. In this way, it adapts perfectly to all designs and environments.

Its porosity allows a significant passage of water, up to 234 liters per minute. Do you know what does it mean? That you can take advantage of all the rain by channeling it into your tank, without missing a single drop! Also, by quickly absorbing liquids, you will avoid slips and puddles of water.

The ideal uses for filtering floors are not only for rainy areas but for any terrace or outdoor space. You can place it around your pool, in the patio, or on a roof terrace, multiplying its advantage and enjoying its aesthetic. With our FIL5050 flooring, you can save money and help safeguard the planet’s resources. What more can you ask for?

The SAS concrete prefabricated products are aesthetic, sustainable, and ecological. Our FILT5050 follows the new trends in construction materials, demonstrating that combining aesthetic with environmental protection is not an impossible mission.

 Do you like this product, but you have no idea about how to integrate it into your project? Let our team advise you. We’ll find the perfect solution for you.