SAS Chimney Vents: smoke out in a flash (Part 1)

This month, we introduce our SAS range of Static Extractors and Chimneys, two products designed to facilitate the evacuation of gases and smoke outside from your home, harnessing the “Venturi” effect of our components.

First, what is the “Venturi” effect?

The “Venturi” effect is the physical principle by which a liquid or gas passing through the narrowing of a conduit reduces its pressure and increases its speed because of this narrowing. In our case, the smoke and gases produced inside the home pass through the chimney duct until they reach the final narrowing, accelerating the evacuation speed to the outside without the possibility of reversing. This way, we ensure blocking the return of all evacuated smoke and gases.

In the Chimney Vents section of our website, you will find our four models of extractors available in various sizes and colors. You can choose between White, Natural Grey, and Anthracite Black to suit the needs of your project. If that’s not enough, all our models can be painted.

Square Chimney Vents (on the left) and Round ones (on the right). (Source: SAS.)

Our two most well-known models are the Square Chimney Vents and the Round ones. They are both designed with a modern style, featuring clean and elegant lines, and they are manufactured from high-performance concrete, precisely calibrated with self-centering. The cover is loose, without mortar, allowing for easy cleaning of the smoke outlet.

If you have double air intakes, take a look at our Double base for Chimney Vents. This is a piece specially designed to accommodate two chimneys, whether they are round or square, depending on the style that best suits your project.

Double base for square Chimney Vents. Source: SAS.

Orthogonal Chimney Vent in Natural Grey color. Source: SAS.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to one of our latest innovations, the Orthogonal Chimney Vent. This model is designed for large-scale projects and can be easily installed in spacious areas. It consists of a base piece, four intermediate pieces, and a finishing piece called cap. It is manufactured using the “Wet-Cast” technique – which we have extensively described when discussing our SAS Wall Coping, check our blog – resulting in a smooth finish.

All our SAS products, including our chimneys, are manufactured in concrete without internal reinforcement. This prevents them from rusting and reduces damage caused by weather conditions. Additionally, all SAS Chimney Vent models are equipped with a drip edge on the base and on the cap. In this way, you will protect the components from water and prevent water from entering when it rains.

Don’t wait any longer and get in touch with our sales department. Discover the solutions designed specifically for our customers and find the one that best suits your project.

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