“Dry-Cast” Wall Coping: Choose from over 220 options

“Dry-Cast” Wall Coping is the solution to all your filtration problems in your vertical walls while providing an elegant finish. In our latest blog post, we explained the origins of this product, its manufacturing process, and its technical features. Today, we will provide more detailed information about the different models available to you. Join us on this journey through over 220 options, and do not miss out on your SAS Wall Coping.

The common thread that unites all our Wall Coping models is the quality of materials used in their manufacturing and their technical and design characteristics. All Wall Copings are made with high-performance concrete and are manufactured without internal reinforcement, avoiding oxidation processes that can lead to the pieces breaking. Moreover, a drip edge has been included in the design of all pieces, protecting the vertical walls from rainwater infiltration while keeping them clean.

Ending Slabs Wall Coping in White color. (source: SAS)

In our SAS catalogue, you will find “Dry-Cast” Wall Copings with different sections– Slabs, Double-Beveled Stone, Sloping, Chamfered, and “U” shaped – in various widths (up to one meter in length). Moreover, you will find special pieces such as the Ending Slabs and Double-Beveled Stone Wall Copings, which are designed to provide the perfect finish for walls that end without a ledge or as the crowning of rectangular-shaped pillars. They stand out from the rest because they have a drip edge on three out of their four faces.

The Slabs Wall Copings are characterized by a flat surface that allows you to place balusters, planters, or other decorative elements like fences and screenwalling on top. You have at your disposal 6 colors– Gray, White, Beige, Périgord, Anthracite Black, and Natural Gray-, and more than 8 different sizes, resulting in a total of 48 different pieces. With this wide variety of dimensions and colors, you can easily combine them with our Toscana Fence, Balusters, or Screenwalling by SAS.

Detail of curved ending wall made with Double-Beveled Stone Wall Coping. (source: SAS)

The Sloping Wall Copings and the double pending ones– the Double-Beveled Stone Wall Copings – are designed to facilitate the drainage of rainwater and are perfect for rainier areas. They have a slight slope of about 2 cm, which helps keep the walls dry and clean. Depending on the model you choose, you can direct the water towards both sides of the wall, or simply towards one. Both models are available in Gray, White, Beige, Périgord, and Anthracite Black, and we offer 8 different widths.

Chamfered Wall Copings with a metal fence on top. (source: SAS)

The Chamfered Wall Copings are our hybrid version between the Slab and Double-Beveled Stone models, combining the features of both models into one product, making it unique in the market. The originality of these pieces lies in their section. They have a flat central surface, like the Slabs model, while the two lateral edges have a slope similar to the Double-Beveled model. This way, you can place closing or decorative elements on top without sacrificing the ability to easily drain rainwater.

“U” wall covering section. (source: SAS)

Finally, the “U” shaped Wall Copings offer a serialized section in the shape of a “U”. They are highly demanded for finishing low walls as they provide excellent protection to the wall and can also function as a handrail.

Explore all the available sizes, sections, and colors on our website, and feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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