How to go from concept to product

Every year we add one or more products to the SAS range. Doing so takes a process that involves many departments, work and design time, trial and error. All of this is not usually visible, but it is essential to ensure that a high-quality product is manufactured.

Design-redesign and feedback

Thinking of a new product for each year involves a process that begins in December, twelve months before its launch. Over the months, all our sales team has been proposing some ideas, and during the annual meeting, these are presented and discussed as a group. The Annual Sales meeting is key to gathering those ideas and being able to take action.

At the beginning of the year, the proposals that have arisen in the Sales Meeting are analyzed. And the work doesn’t stop there! The person in charge of designing the new pieces and our client’s exhibitions receives ideas from Management, the Commercial Director and the Marketing team. Each one proposes sketches that later become real.

February- the moment of truth

In February, we held the first presentation of Proposals, and the pros and cons of the models are debated. The inspiration behind each idea is explained, and the possibility to be manufactured is reviewed with the Technical-Industrial Department. This meeting is key to determine which products go to the next phase. If necessary, some productive feasibility tests and prototypes are done.


From drawing to reality

In the month of July, a new meeting is held where it is decided 100% which proposals finally become news for the following year. Many times, an idea works well on paper, but when samples are made, they are discarded if excellence in quality cannot be guaranteed. This process requires a revision of the necessary molds and range of colors to be developed.

In December, after designing, planning and building the new molds with our R&D Department, the first parts began to be manufactured. If the product is approved, it is included in the Catalogs and Pricelist publication published in January of the following year.

Twelve months pass from its first mention, and if the model is discarded in any part of the process, it can be redesigned and presented again at the next call! No idea is left behind!

Going from drawing to product is a process that takes time and trials and involves many departments. The proposal of new Sas products is the result of the meetings throughout these months, and that is why we are very proud to be able to present them to you!

Do you already know all our new products for this year?

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