Prevention is better than cure!

The importance of SAS maintenance products

If you think that once you finish the work, you are done, you are completely wrong!

If you want to guarantee a long life to your constructions, you have to take care of each element that constitutes them. So at SAS, we’ve thought of several products to meet that need.

Product to fix

The first one we present is the SAS FIX, our ready-to-use mortar. This product is up to 20 times faster than any traditional technique. You can apply it with a broom or a brush without any other special tool.

SAS FIX will ensure solid and resistant joints perfect for the most extreme climates. Thanks to its chemical composition, it prevents the formation of efflorescence, guaranteeing you clean joints as the first day.

Protective product

Next, we recommend using SAS FUGUE, our water-repellent and waterproofing varnish for any artificial stone product.

Its application facilitates the cleaning of the surface on which it is applied and helps to slow its aging. The SAS FUGUE represents extra protection that will extend the life of your pavements or walls.

Toscana enclosure with SAS FUGUE treatment

Finishing product

The SAS WET is the perfect solution to achieve a “wet” effect with more vibrant color. It is a product designed for the artificial stone that prevents efflorescence and improves color stability.

Tuscan fence without treatment

SAS FUGUE and SAS WET must be applied on perfectly clean, dust-free, and completely dry surfaces. They can be easily applied with a brush and the SAS WET by spray or roller.

Toscana fence with SAS WET treatment

Product to change your style

Have you changed your mind about the color of your surface? Don’t worry. Now you won’t have to demolish it and start again.

With the SAS NAN, you can change the color of your walls, and you can choose between four shades: Anthracite Black, Beige, Périgord, and Gray. This will allow you to twist your home easily and quickly. In addition, the SAS NAN is a waterproof, oil and dirt-repellent product. Four shares in one pot!

Each unit contains a liter of paint and will allow you to transform between 6 and 8 square meters of surface. You can use it manually or with a sprayer for better control and mastery of the finish.

Maintenance product

Finally, try our SAS NET Descaling cleaner to ensure lasting surface cleaning, an excellent stain, and efflorescence remover.

The composition of this product, based on inorganic acids and moisturizing agents, makes it the most potent and effective cleansing softener on the market. It will help eliminate calcareous residues and efflorescence caused by soluble salts.

Do you have a maintenance problem you don’t know how to fix?

Contact us, and we will provide all our support during this phase.

¡Remember that prevention is better than cure!
Proper maintenance is the key to lasting and timeless projects.

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