SAS Swimming Pool Coping: a love of detail

The temperatures start to rise and, with the heat, the desire to jump into the water also arrives. Ready for your first swim of 2021? Is your pool ready to welcome friends and family who expect nothing more than to enjoy the good weather? If you want to surprise them, think about renovating your swimming pool by placing our SAS Swimming Pool CopingThis is a small change that will completely transform the aesthetics of your pool quickly and easily.

The Swimming Pool Coping – also known as crowning stones, are the elements of separation between the pool and its beach, a visual and at the same time functional separation. The swimming pool coping has the fundamental function of evacuating the water that protrudes from the swimming pool to the outside and makes it never enter again. In this way, you will avoid dirty water to reenter, bringing in external elements like your garden’s earth.

And which characteristics should a swimming pool coping have?

When looking for swimming pool products, terrace or garden, all these elements must be non-slip to provide you and your guest’s security. And if you’re looking for durability, be sure that these elements are manufactured without internal armour to prevent them from breaking due to the rods’ rusting. All our products are designed with these two characteristics.

Following your favourite style, you can choose between our numerous models, such as the Domus and the Domus-SPA inspired by the texture of natural stone, or the SASTEAK with its wooden appearance, which perfectly combines with the exterior floorboard of the same range. You also have the Dordogne Swimming Pool Coping line that, with its straight pieces and its corners, will allow you to create all the possible shapes for your swimming pool.

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Slide Remate de piscina_Domus SPARP


Finally, if you are looking for a new trend, check out our Santorini and Tessera Swimming Pool Coping that we have launched in recent years. With their innovative L shape, the Santorini and Tessera lines’ pieces will be your perfect allies to easily align all the elements that make up the beach of your pool. Besides, they also ensure a modern and elegant aesthetic. 

These two SAS Swimming Pool Coping models are the perfect solution to hide all those tiny imperfections that can arise during their placement, by the passing of time and as a consequence of atmospheric agents. 

And if you are looking to renovate your terrace area, these two models have matching floors. You can combine them and achieve a homogeneous environment, making them the perfect answer for all your projects!

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All our Swimming Pool Coping have tones easily combinable with other pieces to help you realize a unique and visually pleasing project. Don’t waste time and choose the SAS Swimming Pool Coping to turn your pool aesthetic around.

And if you’ve always wanted a pool, but haven’t made up your mind yet, take a look at our previous blog about swimming pools and jump into this new adventure. You won’t regret it!