Toscana Walling System: privacy with security and style

The days are getting longer, and we can finally start spending more time in the garden. Are you tired of all the looks that pry from the other side of the fence? Would you like to improve the privacy of your home without giving up the light that comes from outside or feeling locked up?

At SAS, we have designed a perfect product line for these cases. Our Toscana Walling System has been on the market for a few years. It is undoubtedly one of our most requested products due to its easy placement, incomparable value, and flexibility. The Toscana Walling is not just an enclosure but a system of panels that adapts perfectly to the orography of your terrain.

The Toscana Walling System consists of three main elements: Columns, Panels and the Finishing elements, such as the Rails for Toscana Panels and the Toscana Multi-angle Column Cap.

The Toscana Multi-angle Column has a toothed shape that creates fences with different angles between the walls (45º, 90º, 135º, 180º, 225º). The Toscana Panels represent the most visible part because they make up the walls of your fence. We manufacture two versions of these panels, curved TCOR75 and flat TPLA75, to offer you maximum customization. Both work as lattices, letting in air and light, ensuring maximum privacy and security.

+ Column Toscana

+ info Panels Toscana

And finally, the Rails for Toscana Panels and the Toscana Multi-angle Column Cap will allow you to finish your fence in style.

All the elements that make up the Toscana Walling Systema are made of high-quality concrete, and they are available in four colours: Anthracite, Arena, white and oak brown, to be able to combine in the best way with your outdoor spaces and with your home. And like all our SAS products, their placement is extremely easy and can be performed without the need for specialized labour.

+ Rails for Toscana Panels

+ Toscana Multi-angle Column Cap

If you want to create a personalized and unique wall, why don’t you combine the Toscana Walling System with our line of Screen Walling elements? These products can be placed directly on the Rails for Toscana Panel, which would work as a base.

The Lama Screen Walling, for example, is an excellent combination of its minimalist aesthetic and its colours. Playing with your enclosure design is easy with the right products.

+ Slat screenwalling

Do you need more ideas and suggestions? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team, explaining your needs and those of your project.

In this way, we can suggest the best solution and help you make the perfect fence for your home.